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FIT Iowa Chapter Leadership

FIT Council Co-Chair

Deepak Pasupula, MD, MPH

MercyOne North Iowa 


FIT Council Co-Chair
Farhad Sami, MD

University of Iowa

FIT Council Co-Chair

Vikram Sharma, MD

University of Iowa 

Social Media Representative
Antony Anandaraj, MD

MercyOne North Iowa

Social Media Representative

Michael Arustamyan, MD

University of Iowa

Congenital Heart Representative

Krista Young, MD

University of Iowa

WIC FIT Co-Chair

Sepideh Darbandi, DO

MercyOne North Iowa

WIC FIT Co-Chair

Suvasini Lakshmanan, MD

University of Iowa

The Fellows in Training Representatives sit on the Iowa ACC Strategic Council. The FIT Council will be a liaison between the Iowa Chapter leadership and the fellows in the state. The co-chairs and assistant chair will serve the interests of the fellows and see how the ACC can meet their needs. They will also represent the interests and needs of leadership with the fellows and involve the fellows.

Join us in congratulating three Iowa ACC FITs for being selected to serve on ACC National leadership councils.

Shubha Deep Roy
FIT Council
Suvasini Lakshmanan
Prevention Leadership Council

Arooj Khan
WIC Leadership Council

Proud of the mentorship!

The Fellow of the American College of Cardiology (FACC) designation has long stood for excellence in cardiovascular medicine and a commitment to the highest standards of care. Now, the FACC designation – and the prestige it confers – are closer than ever before.

The ACC is proud to offer a new pathway to FACC, one that considers your service to the College and the cardiovascular community, in addition to education and publications, to determine your eligibility for the FACC designation.

We encourage you to use the FACC Eligibility Calculator to see whether you qualify.

Take your place as a leader in your field!  Learn More

Member Benefits - Click here

FITs: Network With Mentors Through ACC's Member Sections

Did you know that FITs receive FREE membership in ACC's 19+ Member Sections? Select your Section preferences and unlock access to a community of professionals that share your specialty and/or interest areas. Gain leadership experience, network with leaders in the field and make progress on priorities that matter to you.

Learn about the pathway from FIT to FACC - find out more... 

Read how professional social media is useful to FIT's here.

Fellowship is one of the most distinguished designations the College offers its members, and is the ultimate recognition of professional achievement.

What it Means to Be an FACC
As a Fellow, you'll be able to use the professional designation, FACC, to signal to both patients and colleagues alike of your commitment to only the highest standards of cardiovascular care, and that you have been conferred to the highest credential by your peers. Additionally, you'll unlock access to exclusive leadership and involvement opportunities, and be able to participate in ACC's Annual Convocation Ceremony held each year during the ACC Annual Scientific Session. As an FACC, you'll unlock access to tools and resources that help you transform cardiovascular care and make a difference in your patient's lives. 

You will:

And many more exclusive member benefits >>>

Join the ACC Member Hub

The Member Hub is a way for us to increase connectivity among our members and speaks directly to increasing our relevance as the CV professional home. Member Hub is the ACC's free online community, a place where members can ask questions, share their knowledge and participate in mentorship. It's a platform designed around knowledge exchange – a criterion for transforming cardiovascular care and improving heart health.

If you have not signed up, please do so ASAP. Remember after signing up, to log out and then log back in which will connect you to the Iowa Chapter group.

Fellow Information

Iowa ACC & Iowa FIT Council Fellow Education Lecture Series - May 2 - July 25, 2020. Review presentations here.

FREE FIT Membership in ACC's 19+ Member Section

Did you know that FITs receive FREE membership in ACC’s 19+ Member Sections. Select your preferences and unlock access to a community of professionals that share your specialaity and/or interest areas. Gain leadership experience, network with leaders in the field and make progress on priorities that matter to you.

Did you know that Fellows in Training receive unlimited, complimentary access to ACC’s ACCEL audio journal? Sign up for this unique membership benefit here.

National ACC Resources for Cardiology Fellows-in-Training – find out more >>>

FITs on the Go Blog – find out more >>>

Subscribe to the Iowa ACC and Iowa FIT Council Fellow Educational Lecture Series YouTube Channel.

ACC Member Care is available to assist you with any questions you may have when using Representatives are available Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time). You can reach the ACC Member Care Team by phone at 800-253-4636 ext. 5603 (Toll Free US & Canada); 202-375-6000 ext. 5603 (Outside US & Canada); Fax: 202-375-7000; or by Email at

Career Resources and Job Search Tools
Begin your job search with these websites recommended by your peers. All sites have cardiology specialty listings.

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